the following symptoms and re-adjust misalignments with atunement….

  • trauma counselling – suicide attempts, sexual abuse, love triangles, divorce, loss of loved ones, car accidents etc.
  • addictions – eating disorders, substance abuse etc.
  • introducing coping mechanisms for long term freedom,
  • restoration the emotional, mental, and etheric body,
  • freedom of the voices and faces living in the mind,
  • smoking cessation,
  • phobias,
  • dream analysis,
  • limiting beliefs,
  • karma releasing, past life regression & present life integration,
  • energetic alignment and healing,
  • releasing and transforming painful, uncomfortable or “negative” emotions such as: anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, hopelessness, helplessness etc.
  • clearing the mind of spiritual debris,
  • physical discomfort or pain relief,
  • emotional traumas,
  • improving performance (artistic, professional, athletic, etc.),
  • creativity, visioning, and goal setting, energy and motivation
  • memory improvement,
  • mental disorders such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.
  • better sleeping patterns,
  • financial blocks for increased abundance,
  • improving the lives of animals,
  • spiritual growth, self control, self-empowerment and confidence, procrastination, low self-esteem and self-worth, self-limiting inflicting beliefs,
  • perception and expanded awareness,
  • shadow personality integrations for greater peace of mind,
  • the proper use of positive affirmations and mantras,
  • obsessive compulsive disorders
  • spiritual evolution and conscious awakening,
  • inner-child healing,
  • stress reduction and increased relaxation,
  • immune system enhancement and much, much more…

~ All problems have a spiritual origin ~

Sessions are done privately, confidentially and under ethical code.

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