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~ Transcendental Meditation with a taste of hypnosis ~

~ Soothe the Body, Mind & the Soul through unification and spiritual transcendence ~

Energetic altered states of consciousness®

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Most Popular Therapies


Trance, talk and tapping point touch technique - A master-key to emotional healing & freedom

Loved by many

Transcendental Meditation - attune to the universal cosmic mind & heart following the rhythms of the soul to balance polarities with spiritual hypnosis and Christ Energy Transmissions

A return to wholeness

Trance-Reiki for Inner Child Healing

Trance Reiki for children & animals

Though formation Therapy(TFT) & Emotional Restoration - ADHD relief for Indigo children.

Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing - Opening the GOD box - repair & renew sacred vows and reconnecting energetic strings and strands


The sacred channel of birth and death - resurrection and restoration of the psychic blue print of the soul

Duality of the soul readings

Understanding the dualistic nature of reality, personal identity states(ego), multiple personality selves expressing itself as the soul emerges into physicality. Integrating and harmonizing all parts of being.

Sands of Time

Past Life Regression Therapy - The eternal validity of the soul and it's part in conscious evolution through the quantum realm

Sacred Journey

The soul's sacred journey into the heart. Awareness, harmonizing and balancing all parts and states being. Channeling the own higher self.


between physical and spiritual existence and experiences


Trance therapist, Spiritual Hypnosis, Regression Therapist, Psychological & Christian Counselor, Master Reiki Healer, Illuminated Heart Energy Practitioner and Merlin Energy Healer


Read more about the spiritual healing experiences of others

My spiritual abilities were restored after only one session

— Nicole

Love is all we need - I experienced profound relaxation throughout my body and felt unconditional love in my heart. All anxieties disappeared

— Michael

A great peace came over me and I felt emotional release in all levels of existence.

— Rene

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